Go Hornets!

My heart secretly swells when I see my girls don a cheerleading uniform.  I know, I know.  I just can’t help it.  Some of my fondest memories are cheerleading practices in summers with my best friends.   No make-up, girls being girls, learning to be a team, learning to love each other and our sport.  I’m hoping that whatever they decide to pursue, they learn as much about life and friendship as I did on my own team.

So proud of this chick!  (I’ll admit, she wanted to quit her basketball team when she realized she was one of only two girls, but she stuck it out!)  This was a step up.  Away games versus other schools.  Not like the usual basketball clinic days of her first, second and third grade year.  Fourth grade plays with the big dogs.  Fourth, fifth and sixth graders are combined to form the “Elementary Team” that plays other schools in our area.   She started in most of the games.  (Not really because she’s that good.  Just because her coach is that good.)  She gained so much confidence and experience and I feel sure next year, she’ll actually attempt a basket!

Happy CHD Awareness Week!

SNOW 2014



Lot’s of snuggle time when the power was out!  (Everyone, including Bally, was cold and wanted to jump in Mommy and Daddy’s bed!)


Rosy cheeks!

“Snow Days” mean “Friend Days!”

How “lake kids” play in the snow!  (Tubing behind golf carts!)

To pass the time…make-overs!

…and movies!

…and a little karaoke in swimsuits.



Ho! Ho! Ho!

2013 Mayor’s Tree Lighting Ceremony

This little dancer laughed her way through, “We Need a Little Christmas” with her petite dance team.  They were the youngest bunch but were, by far, the cutest!

Reese and MC after daddy counted down to light the Hartsville Christmas tree.



O Christmas Tree 2013


Winter 2013

McCanless made this on the back of a math sheet while doodling in class one day.   I just adore her creativity.

…and speaking of creativity, I was one proud mama when I walked down the hall one afternoon and realized that two out of the ten THA State Art Show entries were created by my babies.

Mary Clare is  proving to be quite the little artist, just like her big sister.

Thanksgiving 2013

At 11:00 am on Tuesday, I received a call from Mel.  It was smack-dab in the in the middle of the THA Annual Grandparent’s Day program.  “Delta called and said they were worried about the weather for our flight out tomorrow morning.  We need to fly out today at 3:00.”

Don’t you love the south in the winter?  I think the forecast for the following day was 40 degrees.

Of course, I hadn’t packed.  I spent the night before making 8 dozen cookies for the grandparent’s day program, and the day before that, cooking for the Woodham Thanksgiving dinner, and the day before that….

I’m a procrastinator anyway.  I work best under pressure.

I left the girls with grandparents and headed home, not bothering to tell the office I was leaving a bit early.  I threw clothes in bags, all the while singing “Run, Run Rudolph” (just like in the movie, Home Alone).  I grabbed the girls,  picked up Mel and we hit the road.

We were headed to catch a plane to Florida so we could catch a boat to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving!

First sighting of the massive Disney Dream!

While the boat was still docked in Florida, MC stripped down to her bikini and dove into the pool!  (There was a chilly breeze, but she had to swim!)


Our  state room, with a fabulous balcony!

…and dressing table, to get ready for those fancy dinners.  ;)

On the top deck (on Goofy’s put-put course) overlooking Atlantis in the Bahamas.  (It was warm, but the skies were dark.)

Nothing that an endless supply of Mickey Ice Cream can’t fix!

Castaway Cay

Daddy and the girls writing post cards from Castaway Cay.


Woodturkey Throwdown 2013

We made it official.  Challenge accepted.

The Woodham Thanksgiving Cooking Match


Mary Clare decided to enter a massive pot of Pioneer Woman Mac & Cheese.  McCanless made a Buttermilk Pie, which tied for second place.  I made the best-ever asparagus appetizer, which was gobbled up before anyone knew what was even going on.   (That’s the sole reason I’m accepting defeat.  They were so scrumptious, they were gone before anyone remembers eating them.)   Mel planned to enter a Ruth’s cheeseburger, but was on-call and worked all day.  We missed him, but had a great time!  Congratulations, Kacy, your sweet potato praline casserole won the trophy THIS year!  You better watch your back next year!  Girl’s Team will own that trophy.

Always a party in Ashland, sequins and everything!