My heart

After a 24 hour Holter monitor test, we discovered that…

this girl, who has my heart,

has a perfectly imperfect heart

that is rockin’!


Spiders and Pumpkins and Fairs, Oh My!

Mary Clare’s take on spiders…

State Fair Fun

After the Haunted House ride with Aunt Kate

The faster, the higher, the better for my tiny thrill seeker!

Neighborhood Pumpkin Painting Party

Prestwood Annual Weenie Roast

Happy Birthday PaPa!

Annual K spider web in the cafeteria.  Apparently, little MC has quite an arm.

McBee Fall Festival

Twin BFFs

THA Halloween Carnival

My Sea Fairy was a Cake Walk Queen!

MC and Kate at school

MC was a princess-beauty-queen at school on Halloween.

We finally carved our pumpkin on Halloween day.

…then she was a sea fairy-princess-beauty queen for Trick-or-Treating.  (McCanless decided to be Sabrina, the teenage witch.)


Hello Fall!

First Day of 5K and 4th Grade at THA!

5K friends

New glasses for the new year!

Cooler evenings out in the country at Nonnie’s house, roasting marchmallows and hot dogs.

My smart Duke Tipper!  We were so proud to receive a letter that McCanless qualified for Duke Tip Program.

Hello Dance Season!

Happy Birthday, Leah!

School Days

Great check-ups at MUSC!

Red Fox games

Canned food drive at school (5K won!)

Hippopotamus Sandwich

Breakfast at Carolina Lunch

Laughs with Friends

So long summer…



Dead Girls Team,

Mom has been away from the blog because dad didn’t update it and fix it — Dad is fixing it.

Dad will be updating it very soon.  Mom is going to get back to writing her blog that she has kept diligently for nine years.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and for being great readers!


Camp Gwynn Valley 2013

McCanless went to Gwynn Valley in Brevard, NC this year for two weeks.  All summer long, she counted down the days until camp.


Little sister begged to stay.

She came home singing camp songs (over and over and over and over) and talking non-stop of all of her new friends and rock climbing, candle making, and camp outs.   I’m so proud of her! Two weeks was a breeze for her, but this mama was sad without her for so long.

We’ve pool’ed it, beach’ed it, theater camp’ed it.  Mel and I went to Utah.  McCanless went to camp.  MC took swimming lessons and we had a fantastic, and busy summer.

The girls have one last summer trip with Mimi to Hilton Head Island this week, then it’s back to the grind with school, dance and tumbling and homework.

5K and 4th grade and Library, here we come!   (Did I mention I’m heading back into the classroom this year?)  Actually, I’ll be in the library, so we’re all heading back to school!  Ready or not, here we come!

Summer 2013 so far…



















Life in the fast lane…

Well, I did it.  I let a month go by with no blog post.  For nine years that hasn’t happened. January 2004-June 2013  Oh well, there’s a first for everything, right? I’d like to blame my lack of blogging to the simple fact that our little family of four is simply busy living life.  No big heart surgeries, no cancer fighting, no big mayoral election.  Life by the pool, by the beach, with friends, art, church, neighbors, family, travel and a few doctor appointments thrown in there for good measure.  (It is our family I’m talking about.)

Life is busy.

Life is good.



Mother’s Day Weekend


2013 Mother’s Day Program at school with my little elephant!


2012 THA Mother’s Day Program-It was one year ago on the day of the Mother’s Day program that I finished all cancer treatments.  Immediately after the program, Mel, the girls and I drove to Columbia for my final radiation treatment.  He dropped me off at the door of SCOA and 15 minutes later, I walked out alone, completely finished with my journey.  It was wonderful.   It was an uneventful and most amazing feeling.  The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize it was my “One Year Cancer Free” date until several days later.  I’m way too busy in this year!

Portrait of Mommy by Mary Clare

After school we hit the road and headed to the beach with Nonnie, Kacy and Sullivan for the weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We continue to daydream of Disney days…

I’ve been downloading the hundreds of photos I took, the hundreds that Disney took and the hundreds of cell photos Mel took.  What an amazing experience!