MC said today…

After McCanless apologized for something or another, Mary Clare shouted out…

Sorry is not going to cut it!”

and mumbled to herself…



Rachel Medlin  on December 22nd, 2011

I love it! LOL 🙂

Judy and Walter Brown  on December 22nd, 2011

Sounds a lot like sisters to me!!! I have two sisters, and this sounds very familiar from many years ago.

Carrie  on December 23rd, 2011

Hahahaha…I too love it. Sounds like Holden with Taylor. He is constantly telling her “Don’t touch”, “Sit back or go room”, or “Tawa trash”. I am nervous to see once his vocab gets bigger, what fun things he will say to her.

Terri Woodham  on December 23rd, 2011

Mary Clare, you make me smile-you’re unbelievable! Cannie you’re my sweet girl, too!
I love you, Nonnie

Terri Woodham  on December 23rd, 2011

Kerri, Mary Clare sounds just like you!
I love you, MOM

Rebecca  on December 23rd, 2011

Love your mom’s comment…:)

Love that girl of your’s, too!

Kerri Pennington  on December 23rd, 2011

MOM. I have never said anything’s “not going to cut it.”

So, I may have said something’s “unbelievable” a time or two, but that’s it. 😉

I don’t know where she gets it.