Yes, I still plan on keeping up with this blog.

Wow, today I completed #28 of 33 treatments!  It’s so hard for me to believe.  It’s actually flown by.  Probably because I’ve been super busy at school, with the girls, and life.  (As every other mom is.)  This week, “we” put together a Double Bubble Gum costume, a flower costume and are working toward a Katherine Hepburn costume.  Field trips, programs, projects, dessert theater, etc. etc.  Next week, dance photos, finalizing house plans, a few doctor’s appointments, and end of year “stuff.”  Its always gets crazy this time of year (especially this year) and I love it.

Today, I also started my concentrated radiation (which is my translation, of course). My last six treatments will consist of radiation specifically directed at my tumor area (where it once was) and lymph node area (where they once were), basically, zapping my scars.  I shouldn’t have much more redness and burning on my large tan square from this point on.  It’s pretty funny and very, very tan.  It’s a bit tender, but has yet to be painful.  The stickers covering my paint marks (for alignment) have proven to be more of a nuisance than anything.  Apparently, I’m allergic to the adhesive on the stickers which also burns my skin.  So, at this moment, I have a large tan square and about 8 or so little tan/burn circles from the stickers.  It’s a great look.

I realize I have not posted a single photo all month.  Sigh.  My girls were adorable for Easter and I did manage to take a photo with my iphone.  (My poor Nikon is dusty.)  Alas, I’ve (temporarily) lost those photos.  I ran over my phone last week. (Don’t ask)  Thank goodness for insurance…Brand new iphone in a few days-have yet to transfer and sync everything.

I  had another fantastic photo op of McCanless in all her pink glory as  a big piece of Double Bubble gum this week, and…

I smashed my brand new iphone as I ran to the car with said large gum costume, pocket book, pair of shoes, screaming 4-year-old and jet pack* in my over-stuffed hands.  I made it to the car (and the program in time) but I dropped the phone on concrete only to smash it to pieces.  No photo of my precious pink gumball.

What’s that saying?  A day late and a dollar short.

Mel is speaking at a Funeral Director’s convention in Florida this weekend, so it’s a girls team only weekend.  We are planning on soaking up the sun and having a great time with no homework, no projects, no costumes and no place to be at any specific time.

*The jet pack is MC’s emergency pink back pack that goes everywhere she goes.  It contains her emergency seizure meds and a portable oxygen tank.  It’s pretty heavy.  Lesson One:  I can’t carry everything (and the kitchen sink) at once, no matter how late I’m running.  Lesson Two:   as much as I hate it, I need to dig out my huge, yet protecting, OtterBox again, and use it.  Lesson three:  Phone insurance will only cover one smashed phone in a one week time period.  Lessons learned.

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Cherry McCoy  on April 28th, 2012

Friday is going to be a BIG day for the Pennington/Woodham families!! Kerri, you have met every challenge with such grace and courage…..what’s a couple of iPhones!!!! You are such an inspiration to everyone and I am thrilled that you will keep up the blog. I have a feeling we are going to continue to be inspired by your “everyday, normal for you” life!!!!