Yep, we’re alive…

We’ve survived returning from an 8-day trip to Disney, moving back into our house, Nutcracker rehearsals and a four performance weekend-all within a week.   Needless to say, I’m a bit busy and the blog is taking a back seat to everything, as is the Christmas tree, laundry and spelling.  We’re slowly getting things back in order with the house.  (You realize Mel and I have never moved, so this is all new. Having boxes and frames all piled in our dining room is driving me nuts.)


we are in our newly renovated 1930’s creek cottage.  I knew it would be a difficult process when we began telling others that we were renovating.  They would all look at me wide-eyed and with a look of complete despair, as if they wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  The process wasn’t difficult for us.  It’s the ‘moving back in and getting everything put away and FINISHED’ part that’s killing me.  We still have a long way to go.


we are in.  And as soon as I don’t have to leap over boxes to get through the dining room, I’ll get around to posting our amazing Disney pictures!

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Judy Brown`  on December 10th, 2012

Please post pictures of the new and improved Pennington home when it is finally put back together. I can relate to all this. We are doing some of the same-I don’t think it is on the same scale as yours, but at our ages, it is rather nerve racking.