9:00 a.m. Update

We just received the first update from surgery via a text pager from within the surgical suite. Mary Clare is now on the heart-lung bypass machine which seams to be quite a hurdle in the first hour. Her anesthesia also went smoothly. I spoke with our cardiologist friend, Dr. Andy Atz in the PC-ICU and he had been back to check in on Dr. Bradley and the team. He said that this was the first hurdle. Dr. Bradley will begin to operate on Mary Clare’s heart and start bypassing and shunting for the next hour. He will then take some time to observe and make sure that the surgery is taking and that no site is leaking.

We just revieved our McCanless (In Florida with Nonnie) Update. McCanless stayed in the pool last night until 9:00. (way to stick to the 8:00 bedtime Nonnie!) Apparently after water-logging and sinking to the bottom, McCanless felt it might be time to get out and go to bed.

I’ll see you all at 10:00 for the next update. Mel