11:00 a.m. Update

Word from the O.R.- She is now off the Heart-Lung machine and seems to be doing fine. (She will still be on the ventelator as not to confuse you to being taken off the other machine.) They will now observe her and make sure that she doesn’t bleed too much (she has a normal amount of bleeding now.) It is hoped that she will be returned to the PC-ICU in 1-2 hours so that we can get her situated, stabalized, and we can visit briefly.

When she returns to PC-ICU she will be swollen beyond anything that would make any parent comfortable to see their child. We have been debating on weather or not to post photos of Mary Clare online. We have now grown accustomed to seeing the ventilator tubes and all of the wires and tubes and such. We were worried that not everyone would want to see her like that, nor feel comfortable with it. We still haven’t decided and in her present condition we’re still waiting to see.

More updates forthcoming.