Bumps in the road

We slept last night for more hours than we have in a while. Entering the PC-ICU this morning we find that she is hitting the bumps along the road. Of course they assure us that this is normal of post operative babies and that her body is tolerating the higher heart rates, lower blood pressures, etc.. Good news is she is coming off of the paralytic medicine today and tht is a big step to recovery. She is very swollen today as to be expected and that is hard to deal with. We haven’t seen the cardiologist today to get a report but most of her tests run this morining are coming back good.

I’ll certainly keep you updated throughout today as we find out more on her progress. Kerri certainly sends her love and gratitude to all of you for the calls, cards, and prayers.

*We especially wanted to let the Mayor know that even though she is curently a resident of Charleston, Mary Clare will certainly be moved to Darlington County before the ’08 election cycle. (Some times you have to laugh to keep from crying.)

Best to you all.

See you this afternoon.