Ventilator Schmentilator

Good News! The Vent was removed this morning. Mary Clare is now wide eyed and breathing with just the assistance of an oxygen line under her nose. While she still sleeps most of the day, she has been weened off of her last bit of Morphine and Dopamine. She is atempting to cry a bit and grunting like a normal baby from time to time. We are giving her a passy and trying to teach her how to use it. Tonight she will have a nasal line dropped into her stomach to begin feeding her small doses of pedialite. I told them that we’re a Gatorade family but apparently they were all out. She will continue to try and eat the small doses of pedialite and then we will begin bottle feeding in a few days from now. The next hurdle will be eating and learning to swallow.

*Side Note: Please feel free to send baby aspirin to Mary Clare. She will be on it every day for the rest of her life. I have contacted several companies about volume discounts. From our lazy math, we figure a tractor trailer load of pills would last her about five to ten years! (Only kidding about the aspirin – send cash instead)

We look forward to seeing all of you very soon, and we can’t thank each of you enough for the emials, messages, flowers, texts, and raises (worth a shot). Your support has been most kind and we couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Next Update: EST 3:00 p.m.