USS Cardiac

So judging from the title you can only imagine that I’m looking out of our room window which is shaped like a porthole, and the motif of the cardiac rehab floor is a children’s sea theme. So I have been held prisoner aboard the USS Ped-Cardiac for several days now.

Living in these conditions is enough to keep a man out of prison; however, our Mary Clare is continuing to learn to eat more calories than she burns eating those calories. Currently we are still at the pinnacle, and she is still feeding by the tube every 6 hours and after she won’t take any more by the bottle every 3 hours.

McCanless had the chance to come to see her sister and needless to say it was an emotional wreck for us to have her here for a night an then have to send our daughter home again – without us – for week three. Kerri is in pieces and is beyond ready to go home and have her family together for the first time at the creek house.

Updating has taken a backseat on the weekend due to the small workspace and added traffic of feeding every 3 hours, having vitals every hour, and then rounds and such.

What makes this all-the-more hard is that today my wife turns 30.

Happy Birthday from your loving husband, Melvie, McCanless, Mary Clare, and the crew of the USS Cardiac.