Happy Halloween 2011

Our first (and only) trick-or-treater of the night, Stella, was Olivia, the Pig!!

My sweet Rapunzel

Around 6 pm, much to my dismay (but no huge surprise) McCanless opted not to wear the Cha Cha dancer costume that she HAD to have a month ago.  Sigh.  It’s what my girls do.  Every year.  I had already spent the better part of the day convincing Mary Clare to wear her new Rapunzel costume instead of an old pirate costume of McCanless’s, so I didn’t have the energy to do it all over again.  I think she was a dancer, model, teenager-wannabe.

I found this pink wig in the girls’ dress up trunk. I think it was from when McCanless was obsessed with the Doodle Bops forever ago.   It needed a bit of taming and brushing, but I made it work!   I’m not a big fan of bangs, but I do like the pink.  I may have to wear it again!

First stop… BB and Papa’s house just around the corner.  Cousins, Leah Brenn and Reese were there, too!

McCanless insisted on stopping by her friend Zara’s house next. Zara is a classmate of hers and just recently moved to the end of our street!  Filled to the brim with candy and uber excitement, they immediately insisted on trick-or-treating together.  Zara’s mom braved the infamous College Avenue trick-or-treating hot spot with the pair, while Daddy and I stayed on our own street with Rapunzel.

Happy Halloween!


Carrie  on October 31st, 2011

McCanless was a beautiful dancer, model, teenager-wannabe and MC so sweet! Glad y’all had a good time and good luck with all the sugar. Hugs!

cici  on November 1st, 2011

Rapunzel is my favorite. 🙂

Happy Halloween