Grandparent’s Day at THA 2011

McCanless and Mary Clare, once again, weren’t lacking in the grandparent department on Grandparent’s Day this year.  They are two lucky girls!  BB, Papa, Nonnie, BaPa and Mimi were all there to celebrate!

First up was a musical selection by all K-classes.  Can you see my little Turkey?  (Second from left)  They all sang their little hearts out, yet McCanless found it far more entertaining to wave and sing to her big sister and all of the big kids sitting on the front row instead.

This was just before they all sweetly joined hands and proceeded to circle the stage hand-in-hand, except one tripped and they all avalanched, falling down and knocking one poor boy down the stage steps.  I was laughing too hard to get a photo.  Wish I would have had my video on!

Some of Mary Clare’s work in her classroom…

“Mary’s” turkey.  My little one has a completely different personality from my McCanless and this painting just may sum it all up.  Completely on her own terms, never in the lines, never intentional, never patient, fearless, passionate, colorful is my youngest.

This just made me laugh. It’s a self-portrait collage.  Notice the passy.

Grandmothers extraordinaire, my mom, “Nonnie” and one of her BFF’s, “Khaki,” also a THA grandparent.

McCanless made this for Mel’s grandmother,  her great-grandmother, “NaNa.”  We don’t see her that often as she is now in an assisted living community, but I was so very happy that McCanless thought of her and made this for her.  I’m so glad she will have the memories of a great-grandmother.

Happy Grandparent’s Day!

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Mimi  on November 19th, 2011

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon with our special grandchildren. We loved seeing all you do in your classrooms. What talented girls you are! Love you! Mimi and Bapa