Hello Coffee!

This morning I enjoyed my coffee.

One of my most favorite times of the day is in the early hours of the morning.  Not only because it just may be the only moment of silence or alone time I’ll get all day, but because for a few moments everything is perfect.  While the girls and Mel are sleeping, safe, healthy, the world goes on. Everything is starting fresh.  New.

I’m always the first to rise, taking Emmie out for a little walk around the yard.  Summer mornings, I  spend waving to neighbors as they jog by or hustle to work.  In cooler months, I bundle up and sit on the porch and watch the Canadian geese dance, while I enjoy my coffee.

During week one of treatment, nothing is as it should be.  Even my taste buds turn on me.  My mornings with Emmie on the porch aren’t quite as enjoyable.  In fact, I skip the coffee all together.

Today, I enjoyed my coffee on the porch with Emmie.

Today, I know that this time is evanescent.


Terri Woodham  on November 19th, 2011

The little pleasures in life we all take for granted-love you for showing me how I should be seeing the world and life!!
Love you, MOM

KATE  on November 19th, 2011

i was thinking about you this morning while i was drinking my cup of coffee (i lie, it was more than one cup)… i sure hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.. i love you kerri.