Beefalo and sunshine

I love age four and Mary Clare is in it’s prime.  She’s at a point where she is completely confident in herself and her vocabulary and I love asking her to tell me stories.  Today, for example, she was explaining to me that she wants to be a cooker (chef).   When I asked what her favorite food is, she, much to my surprise, replied, “bacon.”  (Totally out of the blue.  Never saw that one coming-she’s practically a vegetarian.)  After a conversation about how she cooks bacon, I inquired what she would cook McCanless if given an opportunity.

“Well, duh.  Beefalo,” with a slight roll of her eyes.

I nearly choked.  I had no idea if she meant Chef Boyardee Beefaroni, which I swear they’ve only had once in their lives, or Buffalo, as in wings maybe?  which we rarely have.  I know I have certainly never cooked Buffalo for them.  She may have very well meant beef, as in hamburger, but she was certainly confident in her word choice of beefalo and only stared at me completely aggravated, as I tried desperately to stifle my laughter.

Today, Nonnie, the girls and I spent a wonderful fall day at Blizzard Branch Cane Syrup farm? barn?  Not really sure what to call it.  (I guess I shouldn’t be so critical of Mary Clare’s word choice.)  We watched how cane syrup is made “the old fashioned way.”  It was quite remarkable.  As we enjoyed a wonderful lunch full of all things southern, including vegetable soup, and fried pig skins, (yes, my mom munched on them and was even able to get McCanless to try them) Mary Clare exclaimed, “LOOK mom, there’s a sunshine in your pickle!”

My heart nearly melted as I realized she was referring to the sliced okra in my vegetable soup.

If only we could all find sunshines in pickles so easily.


Terri Woodham  on November 21st, 2011

Had a great time with my girls-at the farm and yes, I learned so much from this experience. Next year we need to get there earlier to eat the grits and biscuits! Who would have thought MC and Cannie would love the good ole country life.
Yes, we’ve had the “Chef” at my house. That’s when Mary Clare told me I was a good “cooker”.
I love you, Nonnie

chaarlow  on November 22nd, 2011

Now you know what to serve for Thanksgiving!! hehe That sounds like a fun time!