The 2011 Hartsville Christmas Tree

Hot chocolate before the Hartsville Christmas tree lighting ceremony


Lantern wishes

Sweet friends released this lantern and wished for my health in the new year.

I couldn’t help but shed tears as I watched my lantern fly away.

So many wishes.  So many prayers spoken on behalf of others.


Carrie  on December 4th, 2011

How beautiful! I always forget about the tree lighting every year and end up missing it..ugh. I love the lanterns…what a wonderful idea. Hugs to you.

Lee  on December 4th, 2011

I was driving thru Hartsville last night as the lanterns were being released…it was soooo beautiful!!! Love it and love that one was sent up for you, my dear friend!

Judy and Walter Brown  on December 4th, 2011

I had never heard of the lanterns…what a wonderful idea…. sending our prayers straight up to heaven. Wonderful new tradition. MERRY CHRISTMAS to one of my favorite families. Still praying….

Adrianne  on December 5th, 2011

I have been thinking about you and praying for the healing power of the Lord to touch you!

Terri Woodham  on December 5th, 2011

I’m so sorry I missed the lanterns, but my wishes are always for you and my wonderful family. I’m sure God heard them all!
I love you! MOM