True Story…

Mel and I were actually in the car together alone yesterday for a few minutes.  Which happens to be a very rare occurrence.  (Before we jumped into the car, he was speaking to a couple who invited him to a non-profit event in January.)  As we sat back into the car, he immediately grabbed his phone to tell “her” to schedule the event.  (His iphone has a speaking, command-action voice, who will do as she says-funny.  He LOVES it.  She even calls him, Mayor.)

So he asked “her” to schedule the mid-January event.

Iphone:  Sir, the event you have asked me to schedule is occurring on a day with multiple events.  Shall I continue?

Mel:  Yes.

Iphone:  Event scheduled for January 15.  Event overlaps with 51 previously scheduled events.

Mel immediately looked up at me.  He looked like a kid who just stole a candy.   Busted.

He then said, “So that just completely confirms what you already think of me.”