Dance Dance Dance

McCanless and I, along with her dance team, headed to North Carolina this Saturday for the first competition of the 2012 year, Star Systems. (MC was with Nonnie and Kate at the beach celebrating Nonnie’s birthday. I owe them-MC would never last all day at one of McCanless’s dance competitions. She’d be swinging from the rafters half way through.)

McCanless never ceases to amaze me. I love watching her perform and her dance team did an amazing job on all of their dances. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to take photos during the competition performances, but I was able to snap these with my cell phone as the girls practiced in the lobby.

“Paruchi Party,” the Production Dance, which combines all three teams-Petites, Juniors and Seniors- was amazing and won Top Overall. I love watching all of the various ages dance together and interact. (The big girls are simply breathtaking to watch, especially McCanless’s Dizzy “big sister,” Julia. Julia was a student of mine at THA for three years and is now a senior in high school. I couldn’t ask for a better role model for McCanless. We were all so proud of all of the girls. They’ve worked so hard and deserved the win. Go McCanless! Go Julia!

The Petites

It was a long day filled with 5 costume changes, 200 bobby pins, 100 safety pins, hair spray, hair gel, hair bands and lots of dancing and kisses and chaos, and cheers!

After a much deserved sleep-in this morning, we all went to Florence. McCanless and I dropped Mel off at Best Buy so we could get pedicures and shop. We had a fun Mommy/McCanless weekend! I missed The Bear, but loved the time with my big girl.

(While McCanless and I were busy shaking it up on Saturday, Kate sent me these photos of the bear at the beach…)


Terri Woodham  on February 21st, 2012

My girls make me smile all day! Cannie can’t wait to see your dance recital, and MC you never fail to entertain me! Enjoyed the beach soooo much! Can’t wait to take MC and Cannie! AND MOMMIE! And Kace, AND KATE-did I leave anyone out? sorry guys-
the girs rule! NONNIE

Terri Woodham  on February 21st, 2012

* sorry I can’t spell tonight-girls!