Ella, MC, and Ashby

The girls and I recently went to see “Pinkalicous, the Musical” in Camden with a few school pals.  To say Mary Clare loved it is a huge understatement.  She sat mesmerized throughout the entire musical, which is HUGE.  It’s no surprise, her obsession with all things Pinkalicious has resurfaced.  We’ve pulled out all of her old favorite books, Pinkalicous, Purplicious, Goldalicious, Silverlicious, and once again, her Pinkalicious, the Musical CD plays in the car non-stop.

The big sisters in our group had a great time too, although they would probably never admit it.

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Nonnie  on February 29th, 2012

They are ALL growing too fast-just look-no babies anymore! Thank goodness Kacy is having a baby so we can do it all again-pink or blue? We’ll know tomorrow!!!
But, Cannie and Mary Clare will always be my babies, too! Even my 4 bigs ones!<3
I love you, MOM