So, remember when I said I was in that 5%…

of chemo patients that have straight hair?  Remember that?  Dr. Butler specifically told me that 95% of chemo patients that lose their hair, regrow curly hair.  As I’ve slowly watched my shiny bald head grow white fuzz, then grey spikes, then thick dark hair, I’m slowly realizing that it isn’t quite as “straight” as I once thought.  In fact, McCanless took a photo of it with my cell phone to convince me.

Do you see that?

Okay, so I know it’s not curls, but that is hair that is definitely not the bone straight hair that used to grow from this head.  (I also realized that the back of my hair is much darker than my, ahem, salt-and-pepperish front. Slight sigh of relief.)

Then tonight, after my run…(Don’t be impressed.  I’m trying to get back into shape and rid my body of radiation toxins.  It’s a slow start, but I’m determined to get healthy again.  I’m finally down to my pre-chemo, non-prednisone weight, but I just feel sluggish and mushy, so I’m working toward a healthier body.) …and this is what I discovered:

I took this myself with my cell phone and it’s a bit difficult to see, but my hair was completely flipped up in the back.  Crazy.  So, we’ll see how this pans out.  It’s already very poofy on top.  I even use hair products, which is a first for me.


kate (favorite aunt)  on May 2nd, 2012

little duck!! I love your new curls!!!

Rachel Medlin  on May 4th, 2012

You’ll be surprised how “curly” it’s going to be as it continues to grow out! Mine still has much more body and some “waves” seven years later! Am still learning how to deal with the change. 🙂