June Countdown

Five…Number of years that we’ve been graced with “The Bear,”  her papi, and all of her antics.  I can’t believe my baby will be five on June 27.

Four… Number of times that Mel has A) Flown out of the state without telling me again or B) had overnight conferences in swanky hotels in far away places that he mentions to me merely hours before departure and adds, “Oh, did you want to go?”

Remind me that I do love this man.

Three… Number of miles I can actually run (without stopping) now (and without someone chasing me).  I can’t believe that either.  I completed my first “official” 5K in 31:37 on June 9, 2012.  8th in my age group-not so bad-at least it’s not last!    (Okay, so I’ve “participated” in (to put it nicely) the Hartsville Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trott 5K for many years, but that’s more of a social event, and doesn’t really count, especially with my, um, “time.”   Several weeks ago, on a whim, I asked one of my oldest and dearest friends (and college roommate) to run in a 5K with me to celebrate the end of my cancer ordeal.  She didn’t hesitate and we crossed the finish line of our very first 5K together!  We’ve reluctantly decided to continue our “training” and go for more!

Two…Number of  summer tumbling classes it took Mary Clare to realize she wants to be a “GymTastics Girl” when she grows up.

One…Days until I travel to New Bern, NC to pick up my little camper!  McCanless has been at Camp Seafarer this week and I’ve missed her so!  This is her second year attending, and she was counting down the days on her wall calendar last month until we arrived.   She was so excited!  I’ve been counting down the days and minutes until I pick up my big girl!  I’m so excited!!


Rebecca  on June 14th, 2012

I have been following your blog for a while and glad you are doing well! I had to comment seeing that I live in New Bern! 🙂

Bree  on June 14th, 2012

Great post & congrats on the run! When’s the next one in Hartsville?