It amazes me that I have actually kept up with this blog for 8 1/2 years.  Mel created it and actually wrote the very first entries, promising me that he would be a frequent writer. (I can probably count on one hand how many entries he’s actually written.)  I would have never guessed in a million years all of the topics I’d cover.   Sure, I knew this blog would see McCanless grow and maybe add a sibling along the way, including photos of all of their firsts, family vacations, and memories.

What began as a brag book of sorts morphed into a very real outlet for me.  A place to sort out life and vent to world.   I’m a very private person.

Ironic, I know.

This blog has been my solace, my release.  I can only hope that one day, as McCanless and Mary Clare read my words, they know that it isn’t only what I’m saying, but what so many people have read, others who have loved and prayed for them over the years.

This blog parallels life.  Ebb and flow.  Some months, my entries are filled with certain struggle. Words come often and easily, sorting out complications, conflicts.  Other months, life is busy.  Days slipping away so quickly, leaving little time for thought.  These are the months I treasure most.  I should probably write more during these months to savor the fun and chaos of our young family.

Tonight, as I sit and try to consume all that this blog represents and all that it has seen, I hear giggles from the girls’ room.  Daddy caved and tucked them into bed yet again.  This is after he got them juice, read a book, laid down for 15 minutes, and tucked them in 4 times previously.

Our life isn’t unlike anyone else’s.

We fall apart sometimes, we laugh hard, my girls melt down in the grocery store, get in trouble, we love.  I melt down, Mel freaks out and we all wake up and start all over again.  Every single day.  Some chapters are easier than others, but each one has taught us.

Our life is exceptional.  There is nothing that this blog has seen or that I’ve written about that I would change.  Ever.

It is who we are.

Cheers to more months filled with only two or three blog entries!  Life goes on!  Life is grand!




jennifer  on June 18th, 2012

better to be busy living life than busy on the blog…best wishes for the next chapter

Judy Brown`  on June 19th, 2012

God bless you, your wonderful family and your blog that allowed us to pray with you and celebrate with you. The best thing about you is that you have absolutely no clue just how unique and inspiring you are to so many. Now go and enjoy this summer with your family and I hope you have so much fun that you will have little time to tell us about it on your blog.

Terri Woodham  on June 22nd, 2012

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!
I love you-Mom