The Chosen One

I have read five bed-time books, tucked and tucked and tucked the girls into bed.  We have flowers in vases waiting for teachers, new outfits chosen and lunches packed and waiting in the fridge.  Tomorrow is the first day of school, and it looks like it may be a long day, as it’s 10 pm and I still hear the girls whispering and giggling in their room.

McCanless is just beside herself with excitement.  She can barely contain herself.  She has been squealing since we completed her Summer reading papers today at exactly 4:30.  (Nothing like waiting until last minute.)  She read, “The Lemonade War” and “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” and completed two very detailed drawings and “reports” on her favorite scenes and characters.  Not surprisingly, her favorite part of the assignment was illustrating the papers.

Mary Clare is pleased as punch that she has been chosen as Ms. Chure’s special helper this year.  This summer after having a long conversation with Daddy, she excitedly explained to me, “Mom!  Dad says that Ms. Chure has chosen me and ONLY me to stay with her in 4K!!  I’m the only one that gets to stay!”

I’m so glad she has her Daddy’s confidence.

We decided last year that we would have her repeat 4K simply because we want to give her every opportunity to succeed.  She’s had a rough go the last 5 years.  With a late birthday and a bit of catching up to do, both emotionally and physically, we thought it would only be good for her.  We adore her 4K teacher, Ms. Chure, and are thrilled to watch her learn and grow even more this year with her.

So tomorrow, I’ll pack my girls up for yet another year of school.  I’ll have a third grader and a 4Ker!  Where does the time go?


Andrea  on August 15th, 2012

Good Luck at school girls!! Make sure you post first day of school pics.

Judy Brown  on August 16th, 2012

Very wise decision to keep MC in 4K! My sister did that with one of her children. That was a wise decision, too. You and Mel are awesome parents!

Sissy - aka Sherrill  on August 22nd, 2012

great decision.

Nonnie  on August 27th, 2012

Cannie you’re growing into a beautiful young lady…and Clare I’m so excited that Ms. Chure has picked only you to stay in her class. How speical you are. I had a teacher Mrs. Gardner, in the third grade, whom I loved dearly and would have stayed with her forever. Cannie and Clare, enjoy your school year. I love you and so proud of you. NON