McCanless knows my obsession with parties and planning, and apparently I’ve rubbed off on her.  My girls have quite strong personalities and I take what they want to do and run with it…as long as they like it.  This skating party, however, was completely McCanless’s idea. We got busy over break tie-dying and tying tulle for tutus.  This week, she marched herself right into our local bakery and drew a diagram of the two-tiered box cake with a hot pink bow on top and pink and purple and lime green polka dots.  She created a menu of hot dogs with chili, chips and grape skewers.  I’m so proud of my 9-year-old little party-planner.

Everyone had so much fun!  Adults and kids…and no broken bones!  (Although, I’m sure a few of the, ahem, older guests feel like they have broken bones today!)  It was a magical night for my sweet McCanless.  She kept saying her party was the best party ever!

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Nonnie  on January 7th, 2013

I loved every minute of that magical day! So many wonderful memories of McCanless growing into the beauty she is..just like reminiscing her mom’s growing up years!
Love you, Nonnie