So, there seems to be a trend here.

Mel started this blog over nine years ago, when this whole “mom blogging” thing was new.  I quickly took over the reins and haven’t looked back.  Well, except for the times I do just that, look back.  There are many months with numerous posts of mommy tales, girls team stories and loads of photos.  There are months of strictly heart-felt, pouring-my-soul-out, sappy posts.

My blog visitor rates are quite interesting.  They vary from 3,000+ individual visitors a day to one (hi, mom).  It’s typically in those “tough for me” months that the blog sees more visitors.  Those times that extra encouragement was such a blessing to me.

I certainly love looking back over the years and remembering moments.  I hope my girls do, too.  I’ve not let a single month go by without at least one post.  Some months, like March 2013 are (ahem) skinny, I’ll admit, but its usually those months that things are rolling along rather smoothly.

The trend is simple.  Less posts mean “normal” chaos, as opposed to “dramatic” chaos.

So, without further adieu, may I give a brief update of our little family, in the event that someone still reads my blog, other than my mother.

As I sit and type, McCanless is draped across the chair to my left with her Dr. Dre Beats (fancy headphones) and her Ipad.  (She hates to be alone and will do whatever it takes to be amidst others.)  She’s in her skinny jeans, one sock, one bare foot and  a turquoise and neon t-shirt.  She’s certainly grown into a little (pre-middle school) lady, especially after countless of mornings arguing over what shirt wasn’t too tight or too loose, what pants were perfect and seamless.  All of those mornings I begged her to just wear whatever would make her happy.  (I still say the same to her every morning-and some mornings are more pleasant than others-but typically, she gets it together rather well and doesn’t look like a ragamuffin (too often).  Whew.  Only took nine years.)

She’s quite sincere, extremely thoughtful and sensitive.  She’s a touchy-feely-needs-lots-of-hugs kind of person, much like her daddy and can play basketball like nobody’s business.  (From her mother’s perspective, of course.)

She’s an extremely talented writer.

Mom always told me that I was born 30.  I think McCanless was too.  Most days, she has wisdom well beyond her years.  She would rather die than upset a teacher (not the case in her attitude toward me) and continues to make all A’s.  She’s easy when it comes to knowing that she’ll get things done for school, but leaves a trail behind her at home.  I’m constantly asking her to close the fridge door, flush the toilet, pick up the four pairs of her shoes in the den, find her book bag, find her book.  I imagine that will only get worse.

She adores her little sister, but forgets sometimes that she’s much bigger than Mary Clare.  They don’t argue often, but when McCanless has had enough tormenting and taunting from baby sister, I typically have to step in and separate them.  McCanless has no idea how strong she is and Mary Clare wouldn’t back down if her life depended on it.

These days McCanless, or “Cannie” as most everyone at school calls her, is spending more time in the bathroom every morning, spraying her glittery-smelly spray all over herself and brushing her hair.  I asked her last night who her first kiss would be and without hesitation, she said Grayson Moyd, when she’s 16, and she promises to tell me when it happens.  (wink)

Mary Clare keeps me laughing every day with her quick wit and amazing sense of humor.  She definitely gets that from her daddy.  She’s fiercely independent and quite a handful at school.  She’s pretty “easy” for me and maybe that’s because she’s my second child; maybe I’m more patient with her; maybe its’ because she’s my baby; maybe I just “get” her.  Who knows?

She’s the child I have to remind to walk.  “Open the car door, Mary Clare, get out, Mary Clare, come on, walk with us, Mary Clare, hold my hand, Mary Clare.”  Her head is usually in the clouds and I’m certain it’s not that she’s intentionally ignoring the world around her, it’s just that she’s so engrossed in her own world of thoughts, she has little time for the real world.  She sees what most don’t allow themselves to see. Her imagination and creativity are simply amazing.

She loves to play alone in her room with her dolls and Barbies and would do so for hours.  She is still obsessed with all things pink and princess and girly and glittery and laughs so often.  She gets in silly moods and will laugh until she drops from exhaustion.

She has mad puzzle skills.

She adores our neighbor friends, the Nutts, especially their two daughters, Kaiti and Ann Frances.  We often check the Nutts house first if we can’t find her.  No matter how often we threaten, if she’s determined to go for a visit she does it.   That’s the thing about my little MC.  She’s a determined little person.  No one can stop her and I love that little spunk.  (As much as that same little spark infuriates me sometimes, I’m so glad it’s a part of who she is.)

I still can’t believe Mel and I have a nine-year-old and a five-year-old.  On May 19th, we will have been married for 12 years and life couldn’t be sweeter.  Our house still isn’t quite back to normal after our fall renovations and we have much to work on in the yard.  It seems lately; however, it doesn’t bother me as much as it once did-these unfinished, and insignificant projects.

He is planning his re-election kick-off soon and I’m counting down the days until Summer Break!  (Our golf cart is in the shop getting spruced up for a busy summer.)  We are looking forward to sunshine, beach days, lazy summer mornings

and quite possibly time for more frequent mommy-blogging.


Judy Brown`  on March 25th, 2013

Well Kerri,
It is so good to have you blogging again. I don’t know exactly how blogging works and whether
or not you can tell who visits your blog and when. If you can glean that info, you will know that in the past approximately 6 years, I have not missed many days of checking on your blog, often more than once a day.

I find your blog fascinating and your writing inspirational, heart rending and uplifting. I have said it before and I will say it again: girlfriend, you NEED to write a book. Thanks for teaching the rest of us how to cope with seemingly insurmountable problems and to stay close to God, no matter what! Good times and bad times, we need the presence and power of our loving, merciful God. Thank you for letting all of us share in the life and times of your family.

With much love and admiration,


Beverly Atkins  on March 26th, 2013

So glad to see you back. I love hearing about the girls. I enjoy your blog and have been checking for a posting – glad to see one. Thanks for sharing with us.

kate  on March 26th, 2013

I love it. Perfectly described both of your sweet girls! Made me smile reading! I love your post, I’ve always said you should write a book! 🙂 Love when you’re able to post but I’m glad your life is some what “boring” right now!!
Love You!!
-baby sister.

Linda Edwars  on March 27th, 2013

I enjoy reading your blogs Kerry. You have such a wonderful heart.of course , Mel does also. I love seeing you all at Church when I go.
You all inspire me. Live life to its fullest with aa
Ll the love you can give. I hope to see you soon.

Mrs. E/.

Linda Edwars  on March 27th, 2013

Much success at being our next mayor Mel.

Julia  on March 28th, 2013


Thanks for updating us on your cute family! You have to remember we all have blogrolls now, so we only visit the site when we excitedly see there’s a new post! I think I still stand firm in that I’ve never missed a post!

You are a fabulous writer and I think I speak for all when I say, we’ll take your blog posts as often as you’ll give them to us!


Sarah Haarlow  on March 31st, 2013

You are an incredible writer and person. What a treasure for your girls. We love reading your feelings and love you all!
Mimi and Bapa

Nonnie  on July 9th, 2013

My Kerri, I love being a part of your beautiful family, even if it’s standing back and watching.
I can see my own brood as children again.
Thank you for sharing with so many.
I love you, MOM