Woodturkey Throwdown 2013

We made it official.  Challenge accepted.

The Woodham Thanksgiving Cooking Match


Mary Clare decided to enter a massive pot of Pioneer Woman Mac & Cheese.  McCanless made a Buttermilk Pie, which tied for second place.  I made the best-ever asparagus appetizer, which was gobbled up before anyone knew what was even going on.   (That’s the sole reason I’m accepting defeat.  They were so scrumptious, they were gone before anyone remembers eating them.)   Mel planned to enter a Ruth’s cheeseburger, but was on-call and worked all day.  We missed him, but had a great time!  Congratulations, Kacy, your sweet potato praline casserole won the trophy THIS year!  You better watch your back next year!  Girl’s Team will own that trophy.

Always a party in Ashland, sequins and everything!